Waste Space

Heaven and Hell: Mayville Station Part 2

Session 6

Next session will begin where we left off, more or less. The Drazeen is on the loose and has escaped the church room, leaving at least 15 bodies in its wake. The group is caught in the wave of people fleeing in panic, and only catch a glimpse of the alien as it disappears into the dark main hall. The lights have partially come back online in the church room, but it seems most of the station is now in darkness.

Something mysterious is going on here. The alien did not break its cage on its own; all clues point to the fact that one or more people aboard the station are working to free the Drazeen. The group has already killed or pacified two people who seemed to be responsible for the chaos that the group now faces.

The situation is dire. The residents of Mayville Station are in panic, and the group has no idea how many people are working against them. Add to that the fact that the Drazeen could be anywhere on the station, and the group has to decide what its priorities are.


Eskea Eskea

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