Waste Space

Mayville Station Conclusion

And when we resumed, things managed to become even worse. The Drazeen barely managed to escape, aided by an inconvenient hiccup in the station’s gravity, and shortly thereafter the doors locked and an announcement was made about the atmosphere being evacuated. The Tank tried to force a door, only to learn that the church was the last of the rooms to be evacuated and that this had only made their problem worse; ultimately, the Network Maintenance team escaped.. but with a group of civilians in tow, along with an imprisoned NM employee who opted to work with the group to secure his freedom.

After an abortive battle in a machinery-filled room (mostly abortive due to some well-placed handcuffs), the group decided to split up, with some heading to the Systems Control Room to deal with the engineer responsible for their problems while the rest escorted the refugees to the ship where it was felt they would be safe. The latter group ran into the lurking Drazeen once again, this time with it attempting to incapacitate the victims of the Nomad Virus through some use of pheremones.

The two groups then met back up at the control room where they took control, located the Drazeen, and set out to capture it. The capture was a touch-and-go affair due to some mishaps, but in the end the team captured the Drazeen, restored order (more or less) on the station, and departed for Beacon One with their new captive.


Eskea Svlad

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