Waste Space


Session 8

The crew gets off Mayville and successfully comes back to Beacon One with the captured Drazeen. All precautions are taken to move the alien to the diagnostics lab, and it gets set up for examination of the creature. Your mission has been a complete success, and orders to send relief to Mayville are issued.

The captured Drazeen causes quite the uproar, but mostly it fascinates the few people who are authorized to see it. NM keeps the Drazeen a secret from the general population. Roland takes charge of the examination, and a meticulous investigation of the Drazeen begins. This soon yields useable results towards finding a cure for the Nomad Virus. These results are kept secret by Roland, since NM officially denies the connection between the Nomad virus and the Drazeen. But you have information that could possibly slam open the doors for a cure.
Your successful mission gives you a lot of recognition. You begin to be seen as a tightly knit team by your fellow NM colleagues. Commander Greer congratulates you and mentions that he has sent news about your successful mission to his superiors. Hopefully this will mean climbing the ladder in Network Maintenance.

As Roland continues his work, the excitement dies down a little. A week goes by. Business as usual for NM. Then all of a sudden, shit hits the fan.
You basically wake up one day with a gun in your mouth. You realize that the elite branch of the Network Maintenance military has come to the station for a visit. And not a friendly one. You take a quick glance out one of the main viewports and see that a huge, intimidating military ship has docked with Beacon One. The big boys have brought the big guns for some reason.

You all get shoved out of the NM barracks and into the general population. As you look around, you see that the soldiers are closing off entrances to the administrative facilities and the docks. The elites are everywhere. Hundreds of them. People are panicking, but their cries for help have no effect on the soldiers. It is mayhem. The soldiers are ruthless in their handling of the situation, and several people get severe injuries.

The elites lock off doors and set up control stations; it looks like they are going to camp out there to keep people out and under control. The soldiers are all wearing high tech protection, which makes them look even more sinister as they force people to back off. You notice that a brave young man tries to approach them, but he is immediately beaten to the ground. He backs off as a soldier puts the tip of his rifle on his forehead.

Beacon One has suddenly become a closed ecosystem. You’ve been cut off; you have no place to sleep, no contact to the Network, and NM seems to have disowned you.

You soon realize that this is a problem. You have enemies on this station. Korman. Red Riot. Possibly every stranger who thinks you’re the reason Beacon One is under lockdown. Caged people tend to be unpredictable at best; deadly violent at worst.

So that’s the premise – you’re on your own now on Beacon One and have to fend for yourself. The game starts as you stand in front of the closed entrance to the NM living quarters in the middle of a beginning riot. People run past you and it is a struggle even to find your footing. Your situation is dire. You know danger is coming, it’s just a question of time…


Eskea Eskea

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