Waste Space

Session 3: Marooned on Delta Station

What should have been a simple supply mission has turned into a nightmare for Cmd. Greer and his inexperienced team. The ship’s main power module has been stolen, and so have three standard Network Management containers full of medical, technical and food supplies.

The situation is now a Network Management emergency, and NMMC emergency protocols should be implemented immediatly. The Network is down on the station, and the needed tech supplies are in the hands of unknown and possibly dangerous forces.

Besides Null, Ivo and Vaeadus, the team consist of a third tech specialist, five marines (including Darryn), a pilot, a medical worker and Greer himself, an accomplished NM commander. Delta Sym is a station with at least 1000 inhabitants, and the number of enemies is unknown.

A secure area has been established on the lowest level of Delta Sym in the dry-docks and the administrative areas. The situation is dangerous; rumours of riots and perhaps even a rebellion against Network Maintenance is a possibility.

Station Administrator Gray is missing, and his status is unknown. His rescue is a high priority action. However, Greer’s resources are limited, so until a Network Maintenance rescue ship arrives, every action must be carefully considered.

Recovering the stolen equipment and supplies is imperative. However, since the station is in a state of anarchy, any plan must be considered carefully before they’re set in motion. The key individual on the station is the anarchist Mercer, who is suspected of being the mastermind behind the attack on NM. Commander Greer is open to unconventional measures to ensure the safety of the team and recovery of NM property.


Eskea Eskea

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