Waste Space

Session 4: Discovery

The team discovered quite the treasure at the end of our last session, a place that hasn’t even been fully understood by the team; a centuries old AI research facility on level 3 of Delta Station with technology from the Golden Age of civilization. Every members of the team have their own vision of what can happen here. What will happen is another story entirely.

They should also see the complicated situation they’re in. The team is on a mission, and Greer can be expected to call any second now. And what exactly will the team tell him when he does?

Below the team on level 2 is a savage city of poverty and despair, but also a leader who proposes change in the form of rebellion against NM; let’s be honest, it’s Mercer. It seems that he, or someone who shares his values, is behind stealing Network Maintenance’s supplies and the power module from the ship.

Greer is expecting those back. Also, he expects you to find Station Admin Gray. He also expects you to repair the Network on the station, repair the ship and get the hell back to Beacon One before things go even more wrong. Oh, if only he knew what has happened on the 3. level of the station!

What will happen? Tune in next Sunday and make it happen.


Eskea gaaran

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