Waste Space

Session 5: The Drazeen

After getting back home to Beacon One from Delta Station, deals were secretly made and Roland was appointed head medical diagnostician for Network Maintenance on Beacon One. Cmd. Greer was pleased with the team’s work on Delta Station and, perhaps more importantly, with the team supporting him at the debriefing.

What happened on Delta Station remains a secret for now; how things will develop there in the long run is anyone’s guess. For now, the Network is up and running again, and that’s what Network Maintenance is all about.

The group brought back part of the AI from the research lab on Delta Station, and now it resides in the mainframe of the NM diagnostics lab. It enables the team to contact the reserach lab on Delta Station through the Network. Ivo is working hard on figuring out what the AI will develop into and will be able to do for the team in the long run. From the constant look of fascination on his face, the possibilities are almost endless .

Getting the AI research facility to work on a cure for the Nomad Virus is a huge win for the team and potentially life saving for Finlay. For the team, getting in bed with Greer has meant a step up in involvement with Network Maintenance – which is not necessarily a bad thing, since involvement means influence.

Which brings us to the next session. Mayville Station, a small station of around 200 people, has reported that station security has intercepted a small Drazeen ship. Rumor has it that Mayville Station now has a bona fide monster in its containment area: A real live Drazeen specimen. Few people know of this; but Roland was privy to a highly classified communiqué between Mayville Station and Network Maintenance on Beacon One.

This is too good for the group to pass up, and with its newly gained influence, getting a mission put together to Mayville Station should be possible. How the team will do this exactly, we will explore in the next session…


Eskea Eskea

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