[null value]

Rebellious techie with no other options


Null Value

Reckless hacking mastermind
You < Null, Null > All
There are no secrets from Null
Good-hearted, good at something, or good for nothing
Control people’s input and you control them

+4 Systems
+3 Burglary, Deceit
+2 Engineering, Alertness, Guns
+1 Rapport, Athletics, Empathy, Resolve

Takes One To Know One (use Deceit rather than Empathy as a defense against Deceit)
Reverse Engineer (2 to Burglary checks to defeat high-tech alarms and locks)
Decrypting (
2 to attempting to crack encrypted messages)
Security Expert (+1 to defense on security I’ve set up, break security two time steps faster than normal [roughly an order of magnitude])



Null grew up as one of those people cooking things on actual fires, spent his entire childhood doing absolutely everything he could to get into things he wasn’t supposed to, managed to access AI education modules and technical documentation and so on. He made connections with an underground of vaguely rebellious but ineffective discontents, the sort of people who the actual authorities just ignore and monitor because it prevents anyone from making any real trouble. He deleted himself from the station’s records to impress them, with the result that on messageboards or video recording or whatever his name showed up as “null value” henceforth. It worked to impress the people he was trying to impress, and since they believed they had a genius on their side they started trying to actually take action.

Which went well until they asked him to do something that would have killed innocent people, at which point (to make a long story short) he betrayed them. Catastrophically, for them.

This put him in an awkward position. The authorities didn’t trust him (they might have if he had done a good job of selling himself to them as reformed, but he’s so obviously a loose cannon), nobody else trusts him or wants anything to do with him, and he does dearly want to keep having access to tech. Thus, he is now your friendly local engineer.

He’s young (19?), arrogant, talented, distrusts all authority, has very little respect for anyone unless they are either competent at something or acting from genuinely altruistic motives, and reckless.

He does, incidentally, have an actual name. I hate coming up with names, I’ll do it later. He at least tries to persuade people to call him Null, though, and people have been for years; the actual name will be handy for whatever we have by way of a captain (if any) though.

This, by the way, is the symbol I keep referring to. Null frequently uses it as a signature or recurring motif on things he does.

[null value]

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