Tristan "Ivo" Apple

Slum Rat Engineer



Haunted by the Blood on his hands
Our Simulated Universe Needs to be Repaired
“I don’t want to fight but I will protect my friends”
All Ships are Precious


+4 Engineering
+3 Resolve, Weapons
+2 Pilot, Athletics, Alertness
+1 Might, Endurance, Academics, Systems


Jury Rigger: When you lack the proper tools or materials, you. can still affect repairs or build temporary machinery or systems. Difficulties assessed because of lack of parts or tools are reduced by two, but your juryrigged solution will only last through one task or scene.

Grease Monkey: When making an Engineering roll involving a vehicle—repairing, building, upgrading, etc.—you gain a +1 on your roll; additionally, the time to get the work done is reduced by one step on the time table.

Expert Climber: You’re an excellent climber. You receive a +2 bonus on any climb check.

Flawless Parry: When you take a full defense action using Weapons, gain a +3 bonus rather than the usual +2.

Uses a Kinetic Dampener Blade as a non-lethal weapon, unless it’s necessary to use lethal force.


Abandoned at a young age in a obscure area of a slum at the edge of the space station. He was picked up by a local man named Old Man Grix, who had put it upon himself to raise the unwanted slum rats that he would come across, which had totaled 15 over the years.

Ivo grew up with six siblings of various ages, all of them acted as blood, sibling fights and protectiveness included. But Ivo from the age of six, prefered to explore his junkyard surroundings for interesting shiny things and take them carefully apart. It didn’t even cross his mind that he could repair them let alone put them back together until three years later when Old Man Grix found his stash of mechanical and electrical goodies and showed Ivo how to repair his first motor. Ever since that moment he knew what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to fix things. It was as simple as that. Be it a life support machine, an entire space station, or just a mechanical pencil he wanted to fix it.

So thats what he did, following Grixs’ instructions he built rudimentary engines, repaired old control panels, and most importantly he repaired an old video player. On this video player was two documents. One a documentary on the Simulation Hypothesis, the other an ancient movie of Tron. Being the impressionable thirteen year old that he was he now believed he knew why he was living his life repairing things. In his mind he is a Data Recovery Program designed to repair his simulation and prevent the deletion of his failed universe.

Five years later on a search for new and interesting projects he happened upon an abandoned hangar filled with various transport ships, cargo ships, and even a low powered fighter complete with weapons. Also in the hanger was a small repair bay with mostly ruined tools and archives on the different types of ship, the systems, the engines, repair techniques, and even rudimentary theory on the physics of space travel.

For the next four years he Became obsessed with repairing the most space worthy of the ships he’d come across, the cargo ship, adding additional features like a couple of weapons from the fighter and some comforts from the passenger ships. Once he was satisfied that his ship (soon to be christened The Recogniser) would be space worthy he set off once again to find the most crucial component, an inbuilt power source.

On his journey he came across a place he’d never been before, a place where the junk wasn’t junk but mostly functional devices. Where people wore clothes that wasn’t so torn or patched or covered in oil and dirt. After asking around and receiving some dirty looks and unnecessarily harsh words, he was told where to find a hanger that was in use.

Upon entering the hangar (after shaking off the awe) he found what he believed to be a scrap ship. Never once crossing his mind that the ship had an owner he set to carefully disassembling the power source. About half way through the delicate procedure a man appeared in the doorway shouting at Ivo, enraged at the transgression. Fearing for his life he delivers a sharp kick to the groin and pushes the man clear of the door, apologizing as he ran from the ship. Being pursued by the man’s companion Ivo had forgotten about the delicate state the power source until he reached the entrance of the hanger, when it promptly exploded. An event thats implications was not allowed to register in his mind as he was tackled to the ground by the companion and knocked out cold.

When he awoke sometime later the events of his last few minutes of consciousness hit him in full force. He thought of the size of the explosion and he thought of the possibly irreparable damage he caused to the hanger. Then he thought of all the people that had had been caught in the blast. People that he had killed and he wept. Cold, alone and bloody he thought of his family, how he would have felt if any of them had died and how Disappointed Old Man Grix would be of him and he sobbed harder. After what seemed like hours of tears, and possibly was, he finally heard footsteps approaching the door of his dark small room. He wiped the moisture from his face and stood with his arms to his side, his fist clenched, and his eyes resolute. As the archaic doorknob turned he feared for his future, but he knew without a doubt, that he must complete his purpose.

Tristan "Ivo" Apple

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