Kinetic Dampener Blade (KDB)

A sharp sword with a non-lethal energy field

weapon (melee)

Without Field: Damage 3, Lethal

With Field: Damage 2, Non-lethal

Cost ….

After powering down the Kinetic field, it cannot be raised again for two minutes.


An uncommon weapon that is difficult to restore to working condition.

This sword appears relatively normal when powered down, but when it’s Kinetic Field is activated the blade glows brightly and projects energy from the cutting edge.

The KDB pulls power from a rechargeable energy core located within the hilt. The colour of the energy core installed determines the colour of energy projected when the Field is active (Ivos is green). A few different colours have been found, but no change in performance has been discovered.

Kinetic Dampener Blade (KDB)

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