Waste Space

Session 8

The crew gets off Mayville and successfully comes back to Beacon One with the captured Drazeen. All precautions are taken to move the alien to the diagnostics lab, and it gets set up for examination of the creature. Your mission has been a complete success, and orders to send relief to Mayville are issued.

The captured Drazeen causes quite the uproar, but mostly it fascinates the few people who are authorized to see it. NM keeps the Drazeen a secret from the general population. Roland takes charge of the examination, and a meticulous investigation of the Drazeen begins. This soon yields useable results towards finding a cure for the Nomad Virus. These results are kept secret by Roland, since NM officially denies the connection between the Nomad virus and the Drazeen. But you have information that could possibly slam open the doors for a cure.
Your successful mission gives you a lot of recognition. You begin to be seen as a tightly knit team by your fellow NM colleagues. Commander Greer congratulates you and mentions that he has sent news about your successful mission to his superiors. Hopefully this will mean climbing the ladder in Network Maintenance.

As Roland continues his work, the excitement dies down a little. A week goes by. Business as usual for NM. Then all of a sudden, shit hits the fan.
You basically wake up one day with a gun in your mouth. You realize that the elite branch of the Network Maintenance military has come to the station for a visit. And not a friendly one. You take a quick glance out one of the main viewports and see that a huge, intimidating military ship has docked with Beacon One. The big boys have brought the big guns for some reason.

You all get shoved out of the NM barracks and into the general population. As you look around, you see that the soldiers are closing off entrances to the administrative facilities and the docks. The elites are everywhere. Hundreds of them. People are panicking, but their cries for help have no effect on the soldiers. It is mayhem. The soldiers are ruthless in their handling of the situation, and several people get severe injuries.

The elites lock off doors and set up control stations; it looks like they are going to camp out there to keep people out and under control. The soldiers are all wearing high tech protection, which makes them look even more sinister as they force people to back off. You notice that a brave young man tries to approach them, but he is immediately beaten to the ground. He backs off as a soldier puts the tip of his rifle on his forehead.

Beacon One has suddenly become a closed ecosystem. You’ve been cut off; you have no place to sleep, no contact to the Network, and NM seems to have disowned you.

You soon realize that this is a problem. You have enemies on this station. Korman. Red Riot. Possibly every stranger who thinks you’re the reason Beacon One is under lockdown. Caged people tend to be unpredictable at best; deadly violent at worst.

So that’s the premise – you’re on your own now on Beacon One and have to fend for yourself. The game starts as you stand in front of the closed entrance to the NM living quarters in the middle of a beginning riot. People run past you and it is a struggle even to find your footing. Your situation is dire. You know danger is coming, it’s just a question of time…

Mayville Station Conclusion

And when we resumed, things managed to become even worse. The Drazeen barely managed to escape, aided by an inconvenient hiccup in the station’s gravity, and shortly thereafter the doors locked and an announcement was made about the atmosphere being evacuated. The Tank tried to force a door, only to learn that the church was the last of the rooms to be evacuated and that this had only made their problem worse; ultimately, the Network Maintenance team escaped.. but with a group of civilians in tow, along with an imprisoned NM employee who opted to work with the group to secure his freedom.

After an abortive battle in a machinery-filled room (mostly abortive due to some well-placed handcuffs), the group decided to split up, with some heading to the Systems Control Room to deal with the engineer responsible for their problems while the rest escorted the refugees to the ship where it was felt they would be safe. The latter group ran into the lurking Drazeen once again, this time with it attempting to incapacitate the victims of the Nomad Virus through some use of pheremones.

The two groups then met back up at the control room where they took control, located the Drazeen, and set out to capture it. The capture was a touch-and-go affair due to some mishaps, but in the end the team captured the Drazeen, restored order (more or less) on the station, and departed for Beacon One with their new captive.

The Waste Space Adventure Log

Adventure log for Waste Space

Heaven and Hell: Mayville Station Part 2
Session 6

Next session will begin where we left off, more or less. The Drazeen is on the loose and has escaped the church room, leaving at least 15 bodies in its wake. The group is caught in the wave of people fleeing in panic, and only catch a glimpse of the alien as it disappears into the dark main hall. The lights have partially come back online in the church room, but it seems most of the station is now in darkness.

Something mysterious is going on here. The alien did not break its cage on its own; all clues point to the fact that one or more people aboard the station are working to free the Drazeen. The group has already killed or pacified two people who seemed to be responsible for the chaos that the group now faces.

The situation is dire. The residents of Mayville Station are in panic, and the group has no idea how many people are working against them. Add to that the fact that the Drazeen could be anywhere on the station, and the group has to decide what its priorities are.

Session 5: The Drazeen

After getting back home to Beacon One from Delta Station, deals were secretly made and Roland was appointed head medical diagnostician for Network Maintenance on Beacon One. Cmd. Greer was pleased with the team’s work on Delta Station and, perhaps more importantly, with the team supporting him at the debriefing.

What happened on Delta Station remains a secret for now; how things will develop there in the long run is anyone’s guess. For now, the Network is up and running again, and that’s what Network Maintenance is all about.

The group brought back part of the AI from the research lab on Delta Station, and now it resides in the mainframe of the NM diagnostics lab. It enables the team to contact the reserach lab on Delta Station through the Network. Ivo is working hard on figuring out what the AI will develop into and will be able to do for the team in the long run. From the constant look of fascination on his face, the possibilities are almost endless .

Getting the AI research facility to work on a cure for the Nomad Virus is a huge win for the team and potentially life saving for Finlay. For the team, getting in bed with Greer has meant a step up in involvement with Network Maintenance – which is not necessarily a bad thing, since involvement means influence.

Which brings us to the next session. Mayville Station, a small station of around 200 people, has reported that station security has intercepted a small Drazeen ship. Rumor has it that Mayville Station now has a bona fide monster in its containment area: A real live Drazeen specimen. Few people know of this; but Roland was privy to a highly classified communiqué between Mayville Station and Network Maintenance on Beacon One.

This is too good for the group to pass up, and with its newly gained influence, getting a mission put together to Mayville Station should be possible. How the team will do this exactly, we will explore in the next session…

Session 4: Discovery

The team discovered quite the treasure at the end of our last session, a place that hasn’t even been fully understood by the team; a centuries old AI research facility on level 3 of Delta Station with technology from the Golden Age of civilization. Every members of the team have their own vision of what can happen here. What will happen is another story entirely.

They should also see the complicated situation they’re in. The team is on a mission, and Greer can be expected to call any second now. And what exactly will the team tell him when he does?

Below the team on level 2 is a savage city of poverty and despair, but also a leader who proposes change in the form of rebellion against NM; let’s be honest, it’s Mercer. It seems that he, or someone who shares his values, is behind stealing Network Maintenance’s supplies and the power module from the ship.

Greer is expecting those back. Also, he expects you to find Station Admin Gray. He also expects you to repair the Network on the station, repair the ship and get the hell back to Beacon One before things go even more wrong. Oh, if only he knew what has happened on the 3. level of the station!

What will happen? Tune in next Sunday and make it happen.

Session 3: Marooned on Delta Station

What should have been a simple supply mission has turned into a nightmare for Cmd. Greer and his inexperienced team. The ship’s main power module has been stolen, and so have three standard Network Management containers full of medical, technical and food supplies.

The situation is now a Network Management emergency, and NMMC emergency protocols should be implemented immediatly. The Network is down on the station, and the needed tech supplies are in the hands of unknown and possibly dangerous forces.

Besides Null, Ivo and Vaeadus, the team consist of a third tech specialist, five marines (including Darryn), a pilot, a medical worker and Greer himself, an accomplished NM commander. Delta Sym is a station with at least 1000 inhabitants, and the number of enemies is unknown.

A secure area has been established on the lowest level of Delta Sym in the dry-docks and the administrative areas. The situation is dangerous; rumours of riots and perhaps even a rebellion against Network Maintenance is a possibility.

Station Administrator Gray is missing, and his status is unknown. His rescue is a high priority action. However, Greer’s resources are limited, so until a Network Maintenance rescue ship arrives, every action must be carefully considered.

Recovering the stolen equipment and supplies is imperative. However, since the station is in a state of anarchy, any plan must be considered carefully before they’re set in motion. The key individual on the station is the anarchist Mercer, who is suspected of being the mastermind behind the attack on NM. Commander Greer is open to unconventional measures to ensure the safety of the team and recovery of NM property.

Your first taste of NM protocol

At some point later that day, Ivo runs into someone he recognizes from his NM crash course. He’s all excited because he read something he wasn’t supposed to read: A snippet of a communiqué from Network Maintenance. Apparently, he took a picture of a display inside the NM area. You ask him to show it to you, and what you can make out reads something like this:

Network Maintenance/NM Mission Control, Beacon One.

Station Delta Sym (SxT5-718-78-5T) has had intermittent Network fallouts throughout the last 100 cycles. Complications are assumed to be faulty technology and lack of proper technical maintenance and have been classified as such until verification can be made.

Further complications involve previously identified problems on Delta Sym. Corruption and poverty are well-known factors that complicate NM activities on the station. Proper preventative measures should be implemented by NMMC.

Network Maintenance protocol requires identification and verification of mentioned Network complications. Mission Control is required to issue orders to NM personnel and launch an investigative mission immediately.

That’s all you can see on that snapshot he made with his wristband PDA while no one was looking. You know you’re not supposed to read internal NMMC messages, but since this is possibly the team’s first mission, it’s kind of exciting to you. Maybe you should tell the others, Ivo?

(We’ll get back to this when we’re ready; the plan is still to start where we left off.)


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