Waste Space

Your first taste of NM protocol

At some point later that day, Ivo runs into someone he recognizes from his NM crash course. He’s all excited because he read something he wasn’t supposed to read: A snippet of a communiqué from Network Maintenance. Apparently, he took a picture of a display inside the NM area. You ask him to show it to you, and what you can make out reads something like this:

Network Maintenance/NM Mission Control, Beacon One.

Station Delta Sym (SxT5-718-78-5T) has had intermittent Network fallouts throughout the last 100 cycles. Complications are assumed to be faulty technology and lack of proper technical maintenance and have been classified as such until verification can be made.

Further complications involve previously identified problems on Delta Sym. Corruption and poverty are well-known factors that complicate NM activities on the station. Proper preventative measures should be implemented by NMMC.

Network Maintenance protocol requires identification and verification of mentioned Network complications. Mission Control is required to issue orders to NM personnel and launch an investigative mission immediately.

That’s all you can see on that snapshot he made with his wristband PDA while no one was looking. You know you’re not supposed to read internal NMMC messages, but since this is possibly the team’s first mission, it’s kind of exciting to you. Maybe you should tell the others, Ivo?

(We’ll get back to this when we’re ready; the plan is still to start where we left off.)


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