Getting to Know the Waste Space Universe

There are thousands of stations in all shapes and sizes, all of them leftovers from a time when the human race was still on the rise. On most stations nowadays, even basics like food and water can become scarce. Other stations still have completely functional computer systems and working eco-systems; those stations are few, and they are called Edens.

The first session of the game should be used for character creation and the creation of the characters’ own space station. This should be a group exercise. It will help you get an idea of what the players are looking for in the game. Make the players’ space station as big as it needs to be in order to handle all the diferent characters the players come up with. Then have them fill out the blanks; how the disparate elements are tied together and why.

The main villains of Waste Space are the evil Drazee, a race that feeds on human flesh and blood. When they attack a space station, they jam the communications relays. Sometimes the residents are in the middle of a battle of life and death with the Drazee; other times, it’s a clean-up gig. If a space station has managed to contain the Drazee, there will be major damage to the station, security issues and personnel problems. If the Drazee have taken over the station, they’ll stay there and make the station their nest. Then the gig is all about getting rid of them. Bug-hunt, as rescue teams call them.

Every game session introduces a new space station with new challenges, twists and goals for the players. The story takes place in the corridors, tubes and rooms of different space stations, but they are never the same, neither layout-wise nor challenge-wise. The game is not an action-oriented space combat game; that being said, it is always a good idea to cover all possible scenarios. Be prepared.

Getting to Know the Waste Space Universe

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