How to build a space station

No two space stations are the same. The blue prints may be the same, but since everything tends to go bust after some time and people don’t have the necessary repair equipment, the layout of stations are subject of constant change. It might be a closed corridor here or there, or it might be entire walls knocked down to create a larger area. A not-so-infrequent problem for station residents is lack of knowledge about the basics of space tech combined with frustration and impatience; a really bad combination when you’re only a few meters away from the vacuum of space. That’s another reason rescue teams exist. To save people from themselves.

Most space station has a computer system equipped with a rudimentary AI. Residents usually don’t have to push buttons, they simply ask the computer for what they want. This works most of the time, but rogue AIs have been known to extinguish entire populations because of procedural malfunctions. HAL-type AIs are rampant where tech resources are scarce…

To create a space station, the GM can use the following procedure to maximize mood, atmosphere and intensity. The procedure takes you through a number of facets that when put together facilitates the general ideas for a story.

(Work in progreas)
The steps are Arrival, Structure Control, Base Setup, Contact, Resolution and Clean-up. The team will try to follow this protocol, so the GM needs to have the challenges somewhere in that mix.

1. Arrival.
The team will be able to determine a number of factors in the airlock upon arrival, more if the internal computer systems is still operational. Here is a list of things that the team will be met with when arriving at a space station. It will set the mood for the game immediatly.
• No arrival personnel. Either protocols are not in effect, or the personnel is missing
• Number of inhabitants registered, both missing and present
• Lights are out, either partly or station-wide.
• Computer systems are down, partly or station-wide.
• Sanitation. Spills of blood, sever water or Drazee nesting slime.
• Life support is down, partly or station-wide.

None of these factors say anything definitive about what the problem is aboard the space station. They can all be present even if the space station is still up and running. However, If some of these factors are present, they point to some issue on the station, even if it is not related to the main problem.

Collaborative creation
To create the PCs’ own station, follow these guide lines. Each player should design the area of the space station where they belong.
Location examples:
• Administrative Offices
• Station HQ
• Tech department
• Systems Center
• Living Areas (of different classes)
• Sanitation Center
• Overnight Housing (Hotels)
• Red Light District
• Service Areas (Shops, Food Lounges, etc)
All of these areas are in different conditions. Some may be fully functional, while others may be compromised by bad managing, or simply physically rundown. A space station usually has a low point area and a high one, and a lot of in-between.

How to build a space station

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