Tech in the Waste Space

Some people have it easy; that’s how it’s always been. For a while, everybody had everything, but the Golden Age of Humanity is over and long gone. Now it’s back to normal. Some people still have it all, but most people have very little.

To simplify this, I’m going to use a table ranging from -4 to +4 taken from the Diaspora rule book, slightly altered to fit the Waste Space setting.

• +4: Technological Zenith
• +3: A perfect society run by technology. Eden stations are at this level.
• +2: High-tech Travellers of the Stars; poverty almost non-existent.
• +1: Space travel and some resources
• 0: Earth, now.
• -1: Atomic power
• -2: Industrialization
• -3: Metallurgy
• -4: Stone age

Most stations are in the -2 to +2 range, but keep in mind that this doesn’t reflect a singular level of technology. One department on the station may be at +2, but the slum areas are usually at -2 or worse. Large stations usually have a mixed bag of technology on most of these levels, but the higher levels are rare, and the stations that have them tend to keep to themselves, because the have-nots want what they don’t have. Raiders are a big problem in the Waste Space, and Network Management uses a lot of resources trying to get rid of them.

Most people dream about living on an Eden station. It would mean a life of luxury and everything you could ever want. But most people have never seen an actual Eden station, so how precise their dreams are is a mystery.

Tech in the Waste Space

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