The Network Maintenance Crew

The player characters of Waste Space are a mixed group of people with only one common denominator; they’ve signed up for Network Maintenance, which is far more dangerous than it sounds. It means getting into lost space stations to figure out why it’s no longer part of the Network. There are no specific limitations on who can sign up; everybody gets a crash course for whatever position they’ve applied for.

The team can consist of any combination of the following:

 Computer Specialists
 Doctors (all fields)
 Scientists (all fields)
 Space Marines
 Pilots
 Engineers
 Technicians
 Medical personnel

Having trained personnel is rare, but it happens. Most of the time, people sign up for the position they think they can handle. That doesn’t necessarily mean they can. Since resources are scarce, getting people to sign up at all is a challenge.

Depending on the station the team was put together, gear and weapons are of the appropriate tech level, though never less than 0. Usually, the team makes do with high-tech projectile weapons and tech gear like scanners, repair tools and whatever else equipment they need for the mission.

The team travels between stations on space ships of varying technological levels. Low priority missions usually involves long travel times on space ships that are falling apart at the seams, while the important ones use pristine high tech ships from back when they were common.

The Network Maintenance Crew

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