Travelling the Stars

Jump Points

For space travel between star systems, spacecrafts use artificial wormholes created by jump point bases orbiting a planet or floating in space near the system. A complex set of telemetry is exchanged between the jump point base computer and the spacecraft navigation controls in order to ensure arrival at the desired location. Jump points are integral to interplanetary travel, and considerable resources go to maintaining them. Controlling a jump point is crucial to any civilization, and furious wars have been fought over single jump points.

When a new jump point is needed, a lengthy process is set In motion. First, a transporter caring the components for the the jump point base must travel to the desired system, either through existing jump points or using FTL drives. Upon arrival the jump point base must be assembled and then a lengthy mapping of the system is needed. When the setup is done, jump bases must be present at both ends of the line.

A succession of minor worm holes are created in order to find the optimal way of opening a stable worm hole corridor between the two jump points. This process can take months or years, depending on the level of technology involved and the location of the jump points; some systems are harder to create jump points to than others due to differences in the space-time continuum.

Travelling the Stars

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