Lone Survivor


+4 investigation
+3 Stealth, engineering
+2 Burglary, Alertness, Survival
+1 Resolve, Slight of Hand, Might, Deciet

Scouting Survivalist
Friends in Small Places
Shattered Picturebook Memory
For the Children

Quick Exit
Animal Companion ‘Lunch’
Sharp Eye
Location Awareness


Skittles received his name from the NM crew that found him on their bug hunt. It took a while for him not to disappear when the NM personal came close. Eventually Skittles realized that they were there to help him and not hurt him, they talked. He couldn’t remember his name or what happened. Just that the Drazeen came and are now there. And his friend ‘Lunch’, his small gray mouse. The NM people realized how much of a benifit Skittle could be since he kept disapearing when they would turn their gaze. Yet he always came back. So they took him off of that station and brough him to Beacon1.

That was almost two years ago.

Now he works for NM and lives in the Dorms. His roommate doesn’t like him since he is almost never there but a load of “Crap” is there. He uses the dorm room like a holding place for some of what he finds. The rest gets sold to whom ever is looking for it. He mosty keeps small toys for children. No one knows why he does it, not even him. He just finds happiness in finding, making, and giving these toys to the children of the station. Of course he has to do it in a non-obvious way. After all a scruffy older male giving things to children isn’t highly favored upon.
When he isn’t in the dorm he is out exploring the station or visiting the many refuse areas. One mans junk and all that.
He doesn’t drink but he does visit those types of establishments. If someone leaves something when they leave, it might just end up in his pockets.


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